How Long Will My Case Take?

Injury Attorney Statute of Limitations

One of the Most Asked Questions is "How Long" Will the Court Process Take?

The court process can take months or years, depending on the jurisdiction. Your attorney should know the best ways to get your case set for trial as soon as possible wherever the suit is filed. While many cases and individual defendants settle before, your lawyer should always be prepared to go to trial.

The last thing you want to do while you are still in the healing process or trying to understand what your future medical condition will be, is resolve your case. Every lawyer's fear is to allow the client to sign a release shortly before finding out that the client needs future surgery or have massive medical bills still facing them.

With that being said, typically the average auto/premises liability case or any other type of general negligence case can be resolved within six to twelve months after retaining an expert personal injury attorney. Naturally, that time range is subject to fluctuation, depending upon the facts of each case.

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